Trattoria Pugliese is located in one of the oldest areas of the town, on an alley close to the Norman Swabian Castle.

+39 080 343 1728
Via Concezione, 9 Gioia del Colle BA, Italia



Baked onion with vinegar and mint

In the past this area was rich in livestock and crops: vineyards, almond groves and olive groves, which adapted well to the rocky and often waterless terrain. In addition to these crops destined for trade, the peasants planted legumes and onions, which were the basis of their diet. For this reason, in the local tradition there are a thousand culinary expressions for the onion. In this dish, in particular, the onion is sweetened by combining it with vinegar and long cooking in the oven. A pleasant side dish that combines taste with authenticity.

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