Trattoria Pugliese is located in one of the oldest areas of the town, on an alley close to the Norman Swabian Castle.

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Via Concezione, 9 Gioia del Colle BA, Italia


Trattoria Pugliese

Our story

Trattoria Pugliese is located in one of the oldest areas of the town, on an alley close to the Norman Swabian Castle. It was opened by the Pugliese family, about 140 years ago, which made this trattoria an important spot of the town. Each inhabitant of the town keeps a dear memory of the first owners, of their dishes and of their trattoria.

Giuseppe Conti ( Chef )

Trattoria Pugliese

The heart

It was 2011.

Giuseppe Conti Papuzza, called Pepè: an extroverted, decisive and unpredictable chef; with just one word, Sicilian. He gathered more than ten years of experience in the “continental Italy” before arriving in Alba, Piemonte.
Vittoria Santoiemma: Welcoming, reliable, prepared, determined; with just one word, Apulian. After having left her job in sociology she followed her two passions, hospitality and wine, and found herself in Alba.
They met each other and they connected right away.
At the beginning the idea of working together felt like a distant dream but then it got real, when they bought the ancient Trattoria Pugliese in 2013.
And there they made their nest.

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We had a dinner in Trattoria on a first day in Giola del Colle - how lucky ! Between 4 of us we shared antipasti and than each person had a main dish . All superb , ambience and hospitality to match . We all agreed to come again !


I had lunch at this restaurant and it was really amaizing! It started from the tastiest focaccia and olive oil and finished with yummy fish and pasta! I highly recommend to visit this restaurant


This is by far one of the best places I have ever eaten at! The staff knows how to take care of guests and the chef is amazing! If you ever get a chance to visit go!!! So worth any drive and detour I promise!

Trattoria Pugliese

The story and the Menu

We believe that food is the story of the land, so we tell you about it….

Menu of the Trattoria

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Trattoria Pugliese

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Trattoria Pugliese

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    Opening Hours

    • MondayClosed
    • TuesdayLunch: 1pm/3pm - Dinner: 8pm/11pm
    • WednesdayLunch: 1pm/3pm - Dinner: 8pm/11pm
    • ThursdayLunch: 1pm/3pm - Dinner: 8pm/11pm
    • FirdayLunch: 1pm/3pm - Dinner: 8pm/11pm
    • SaturdayLunch: 1pm/3pm - Dinner: 8pm/11pm
    • SundayLunch: 1pm/3pm

    Orario di apertura

    • LunedìChiuso
    • Martedìpranzo: 13/15 - cena: 20/23
    • Mercoledìpranzo: 13/15 - cena: 20/23
    • Giovedìpranzo: 13/15 - cena: 20/23
    • Venerdìpranzo: 13/15 - cena: 20/23
    • Sabatopranzo: 13/15 - cena: 20/23
    • Domenicapranzo: 13 - 15
    Trattoria Pugliese


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      Giuseppe Conti

      Our Chef

      Extroverted, decisive and unpredictable, with just one word Sicilian!
      He’s usually “imprisoned” in the kitchen, but watch out, from time to time he escapes from it!

      Giuseppe Conti

      Il Nostro Chef

      Estroverso, deciso, imprevedibile, in una parola un siciliano!
      Normalmente è “recluso” in cucina, ma occhio ogni tanto scappa!

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      Trattoria Pugliese


      We believe in the goodness of local products, which is why the cuisine is simple.

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